About us

Hi! Welcome to our blog/website/personal space, whatever you want to call it. Our names are Ana and Daniele.

We know places where to go, we’ve got the pictures, we’ve got the ideas and we are hungry! That’s enough for us, so we decided to create a place where we can talk about one of our passions, FOOD. We are not experts and we are not critics. We just want to share with you guys, out little escapes either to restaurants, tea/coffee or bake shops, pubs or bars.

We live in Brighton and we LIVE Brighton and all that the city has to offer.However we were born and we lived all our life in Italy and Portugal so, as you can imagine, we have pretty high standards when it comes to eat here or in any other place of the world.

If you have any ideas of places that you would like us to go, if you want to book a restaurant or a bar for a special occasion or for dinner with family or friends but you are not sure if you will like or you’re afraid to be disappointed we can do that for you; we go there first, we try it and we give you our point of view! Just text us on our mailbox and give us some ideas.

We will do our best so you can enjoy this delicious adventure with us.

Ana and Daniele • doughnuts4breakfast

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