The Bucket & Spade Cafe

The weather hasn’t been great in Brighton, but what can we expect from November? Sometimes a sunny day is just enough to get us through the week. Last Friday was one of those days and we had to take the most of it! A nice walk along the seafront and a lovely lunch on the sun. This time our choice was The Bucket & Spade just in front of the old pier. Such a lovely view, specially on a sunny day like was Friday! We arrive just before midday and we got a table outside to admire the panorama. Minutes after, all the seating outside was full, so we were really lucky!

The menu is very simple as well as the service. Lots of sandwiches, burgers, salads and vegetarian options, and we decided to go for some calamari with salad and chips and some scampi also with salad and chips. The wait was really short even if the place was starting to get really busy for lunch.

Was not the first time that we visited The Bucket & Spade. A few weeks before, a group of work friends presented us to this cafe for breakfast and we were so in love with it. On that time we tried the Avocado, grilled tomato and rocket on toast … sooooooo delicious. Delicious surprise! We love to discover new places.

This time our portions were very very generous and we could say that we struggled to finish both of the plates. Delicious food, lovely calamari!


With a nice glass of wine, a coffee, or a smoothie; and very warm jacket, if you feel brave enough you can extend your afternoon and wait for the beautiful sunset over the West Pier and with just a little bit of luck, you get to see the unbelievable starlings murmuration!

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