Nowhere man

Loved this little cafe close to the busy Churchill Square. Didn’t know this place until last week and we can say that we were very well surprised by the food and also by the relaxing and easy environment and the playful decoration. Different! If you’re waiting for your food you can play some board games that are just around the corner or book a tattoo on the tattoo shop that is just downstairs! (obviously we pass that part for today, maybe next time!)

We’ve order two dishes of pancakes, some ginger beer and we paid at the counter. Around us lots of comfy seats and people having coffee, having a chat and with rain outside making Nowhere man, the place where you wanted to be.

Our drinks arrived followed by our food. Well presented, delicious and the 3 soft layers of pancakes went down very nicely.

If you have any allergy or intolerance to any kind of food or if you are vegetarian, there is also lots of cool options! haven’t try the coffee, which is a good reason to come back next time!


image7image1 (1)image4image2image6image5

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