Jamie’s Italian

We booked a table on Jamie’s Italian for the second time! One of our friends was leaving the country so we decide that Jamie’s had the perfect atmosphere for a special dinner with friends, nice food and amazing cocktails.


This time Jamie’s was not too busy as was middle of the week so we got a nice and cosy table in the end of the room and … drinks first. They have a pretty good list of cocktails, the Mojito is not too sweet as we like, however the Cascada with white rum raspberry and passionfruit is just as sweet as refreshing! They were also very kind to make Long Island Iced Tea’s even if they were not on the list of drinks.


Having our drinks and some nibbles  already on the table we started to choose something to eat. In Italian restaurants we always try the arancini. Our expectations are always very low because we never find good arancini unless we are in Italy. This time we were surprised. A good surprise! For now, the best arancini in Brighton, so good that we didn’t had time to take any picture of it! Shame! We also had some garlic bread, some crunchy italian nachos (very different from the traditional nachos that we are used to), and some crispy chili squid. All delicious however we were looking forward for our main courses: gnocchi sorrentina wit slow roasted tomato and baby mozzarella and the Jamie’s octopus ravioli with cornish crab.

image3 (1)



And what 2 good choices. Both plates of pasta were very nice looking and the octopus ravioli was delightful. A very succulent combination of flavours, you totally have to try this pasta! Another good thing is, that all the pastas come in two portions. If you are not too hungry you can always have a smaller portion! Great move! All our friends had different choices: from the Sicilian chicken to the tender roasted aubergine, the opinions were unanimous. The food is great, however some dishes are not typically Italian.

Some of us were still open to desert and they have pretty nice options, next time we will with no doubt try the tiramisu! I don’t know about you but, when we are in a italian restaurant we always finish our meal with a very cold Limoncello shot, nice!

Was a very nice experience, friendly waitress, did all to make us happy. That was the most important!

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