Casa Brasil

Weekend off, new place to go!

We went with some friends for a birthday celebration in one of the recent openings in the heart of the growing Brighton Marina : Casa Brasil.


Very colorful from the outside and very welcoming. At the entrance we were greeted by one hosts that show us our table and asked us straight away if we were Portuguese! Once inside we realize that maybe 99,9% of the people working there were fluent Portuguese speakers! Nice, feels like we are at home!

So .. this is how it works on Casa Brasil: There is this big buffet in the middle of the restaurant floor where you can help yourself to the typical Brazilian food (sides) such as fried banana, black beans with rice – ‘feijao preto com arroz’, ‘rissois’, sweet potato fries, 10 different kinds of salad and vegetables and sauces, pasta etc. Is a ‘ALL YOU CAN EAT’ so you can have as much as you can handle! After you fill your plate with ALL this, you go back to your table and here you’ve got what they call ‘Rodizio’. Basically is all the types of meat you can imagine, grilled in a perfect Brazilian style. We know this looks too much to take in, however this is not even the middle of our story!


Our waiter gave us a ticket: one side green and one red to communicate with the “RodΓ­zio waiter”. Green means ‘Keep it coming’ and red means ‘ Stop, I can’t even walk anymore’. Is a really funny way and you don’t need to be always calling to waiter to the table because he can see if you’re hungry or not in a simple card.

Now you ask … What do you mean with “rodizio waiter”?! We explain … We have our own waiter that bring us the drinks and makes the service, however the ‘rodizio waiter’ is another person. Also a member of the staff that will continuously come by the tables always a different type of meat to try and slice the meat in front of you, until you flip your card from green to red.


There was so much choice of meat: beef, chicken, lamb, pork with cheese, pork belly, pork ribs, kangaroo (yes!!!!! they have kangaroo meat), chicken hearts for the brave ones, grilled pineapple … Lots of options and all gluten free!

Drinks wise obviously they have the traditional caipirinha, caipirissima and caipiroska and sangria, really nice wines and cocktails!


We love the experience. The restaurant is huge but cosy at the same time! Is like everything is alive around you, happy with lots of colors, music, a serious Brazilian carnival inside that restaurant … They have real samba dancers on Sundays so we obviously have to go back there on of these Sundays!


To make the night perfect and even more fun, they come to your table in a organised group and sing the ‘happy birthday’ as loud as they can, if you’re shy, you’re done! Great! There isn’t much more that you can ask in a dinner out with friends. Give it a try.


Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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