After a long wait, we finally manage to wake up early on weekend and go to this recent waffle cafe in the hearth of Brighton – the wafflemaister! – Β the name says everything. We had some family visiting Brighton for the first time, so always a good occasion to try something that they are not used to eat.

We walked in and the smell of fresh baking hits us as like a storm! Muffins,waffles and coffee smells coming from the inside and we can feel the flavors already in our mouths.

Was an early Sunday morning and not too busy. The menu is simple and easy to understand (even for someone like our family with no English skills).

First we order a few hot drinks : 2 espresso, English breakfast tea and peppermint tea and we made our decision for the “waffle time”!

1)Β Β 2 of the Strawberry mess, with fresh strawberries, strawberry puree, whipped cream and meringues.

2) Banana, granola, greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds and honey waffle

3) Nutella sandwich with cream and hazelnut ice cream

There were soooooo many other combinations we could have go for, flavors we would had love to try but if we wanted to be able to stand up and walk after, we had to keep it simple  🀣

Not too long after we order, we saw coming in our direction what we realize was our “breakfast” (we thought it was actually the food for the whole store). They came exactly in this order, and we were so surprised that our mouths were wide open as the food was arriving at the table!

Everything was delicious and VERY well presented – that waffle tower or strawberry mess, were our favorites to look at! – definitely worth the early waking up on a Sunday morning! Food was just what you want when you ask for a waffle, lots of cream, lots of syrup, lots of everything! The waffles were very tasty and soft and the perfect combination with all the other ingredients.

The service was friendly and efficient, answering all our questions and saying yes to our weird requests! Thanks for that!


Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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