Real Patisserie

The weekend it’s always a good occasion to try a new place. This Saturday we didn’t want to have breakfast home so we went to a place down western road.

We always walk Real Patisserie and we always can’t help staring at the window and watch all those pretty  pastries inside, today we had to try them!
As soon as you walk in you feel it! The smell of fresh made bread …


The staff was busy serving the queue of buyers but our turn arrived very quickly and we knew what we wanted!

As we rarely fancy heavy breakfast in the morning, our choice was a ham croque toasted sandwich and to complete the meal, two of the french strawberry tarts.

We have a really special relations with this french strawberry tarts. We could say that is a vicious relation, almost like an addiction. Here it goes a story:

We tried to make it so many times at home, experimenting countless recipes and we never achieved the perfect flavor that we were craving so much for! So what? One day, on a special occasion (one of the birthdays) we decide to rent a car, take two friends with us and go to France! The reason? To have a traditional french tart. Where else better to have it? In France, for sure! It was quite an adventure. We drove to Folkstone, cross the Eurotunnel to Calais and already in France, we reached the first small french town. We are not really sure about the name … to be honest we have no idea! But was a very picturesque village, very small, not too many people. After a walk around and lunch, we start looking for the french strawberry tart. Few places already closed and other with the last cakes and pastries of the day. We start to get frustrated that we would go home without even a bite on this damn tart! When all our hopes were gone, we found this very very small patisserie, hidden from the center. We walk in, we ask about it and with a glance through the glass we realize that the last strawberry start of the day (AND PROBABLY OF THE WORLD) was just there looking at us! Was a crazy ride, but this strawberry tart worthed it! 


The service was quick for the number of orders they were facing, most of the customers were ordering to take away so there was a very nice window table free for us!

The strawberry tart were perfect! Fresh strawberries and a great gelatin on the top. LOVE IT!

The sandwich was huge a lots of cheese everywhere! Very juicy.

Was a pleasant experience, we want to try other pastries soon.

This it’s definitely a place to go if you fancy a quick meal, if you are in rush to go at work and you want some lunch to take away … they have good looking food, and we were very surprised with the prices. Cheap, cheap, cheap for such quality…. or if you want to treat your self with a sweet!


Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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