Kensingtons The Balcony Cafe

The Balcony Cafe is probably one of our favorite places on the Lanes. I don’t know how we found it or if someone took us there and we loved it on the first time and all the other times too. No idea how it happen but what we know is that is definitely LOVE!

We’ve been there again maybe one week ago for lunch and was lovely.

Is a little bit hidden on the Lanes, but for those who know it is just perfect because, every time we go there, is never crazy busy that you cannot get a table for a meal.

This time and first time, we stayed outside, on the balcony! The sun was shining so was just perfect. But first, we order at the counter.

No menus, no posh stuff! You look at the walls and your menu is right there.

After tried burgers, nachos and the breakfast menu at the balcony cafe, we decide to go for a Goat Cheese, Rocket and Caramelized Onions Sandwich and a Salad with Chicken.

Everything is very particular or if I can say … very cool! Very relaxed too. The girl that served us on the counter was taking our order and eating an orange at the same time! Priceless …

We sat down on a nice table with a lovely view to the rush of the Lanes shops. Was nice to be there.

Our food arrived very quickly and we were one more time thrilled by the huge portions, specially of the Chicken Salad that was looking like a piece of art!

Everything very delicious and fresh. Goat cheese just enough to don’t make the sandwich too massive and the bread so, so soft that the initial regrets about the bread choice totally disappeared! Was great! Great that even a pigeon was trying to steal our food!

Is a very nice cafe! From outside you cannot expect at all what you will get inside. We will repeat it again and again.


Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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