Lucky Beach Cafe

Lucky beach is one of these places on the seafront where we head over every time that the sun is shining in Brighton and we are hungry! Is the place where we feel healthy even when we are eating a huge cheese burger!

Most of the ingredients are local and organic and is just on the middle of the beach. This time, for an change I decided not to order a burger!!! What??? Yes!!!

Was a hot day again and I didn’t feel like I wanted to. Instead, my choice was the Crab Bruschetta and some chips (and obviously a Lucky Beach Burger for my sister, that couldn’t resist!) We also order two of the PIMM’s on the menu that came with lots of fruits and ice. The waiter tried to sells us the ‘carafe’ that I assume is a kind of big jug of PIMM’s however, we had to make sure we would go home standing on our own feet so we had to say no no no no, and then he warned us “if you have another one, I was right!”

unnamed (2)

Our food didn’t took thaaaat long but I felt like I was waiting for ages! The terraces were full, everyone was eating and drinking, the sun was shining … a really nice day to be relaxing by the beach.

The food finally arrive and was looking nice as usual. I never tried the crab bruschetta before so I was very curious! One word about it? FRESH! So, so, so fresh. Was a mix of flavors that I’m normally not used to, but it was good! I could taste fresh mango and and a kind of like mayonnaise that was giving a really light taste to the bruschetta. I could say that when I gave the first bite I was in the heaven of delicious food!

unnamed (1)

The burger was amazing as usual and in the end of everything we didn’t feel like we had heavy food at all! Our PIMM’s last until the end of our meals and a little bit more, so we didn’t need to order again.

All the waiters were very attentive with us and with everyone around us. Definitely a place to go and a place to be!

Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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