Billie’s Cafe

It’s summer in England! Well … kind of. When comes a hot day we always try to go out to the beach and go on the water!
One of the last Saturdays off, after a walk on the seafront, was way too hot to stay on the beach so we decide to go for lunch with some friends! Few of us tried Billie’s already and it was just on the top of the street close to where we were so we decide to go for it!
Billies is not a huge place, and we thought that, on a hot day like Saturday would be super busy with people queuing for their famous farmhouse hashes but … No! There was 4 of us, plus a couple, plus a family having lunch. Perfect! Was almost 3pm anyway, maybe a little bit late for lunch (or even breakfast!)
After look at the menus, we decided to go for something light as we felt like we could pass out if we had anything as heavy as beans plus the 30 degrees outside.
Bacon Sandwich with mash of hash and one of Billie’s Specials the Big Smoke. Not that light anyway! The portions are huge in every dish.
While we waited for the food, we watched the waitresses having lunch just in front of us and we couldn’t look more forward for our food. Looking really good! The ‘farmhouse hash’ is veeeery particular and if you are thinking that you don’t like it already just because of how it looks like, (because it does not look nice …) you should really taste it!
We didn’t have to wait long and our lunch was on the table! Every single ingredient so fresh. Amazing flavors!
image2 (1)
image1 (6)
The little Cafe is in a very central but at the same time outside the busy shops what makes it very familiar and enjoyable. Friendly staff, fresh food, quick service, what can you ask more?
Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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