Saturday evening we decide to go to Bill’s for dinner! They re-open after refurbishment and we’ve never been there before so… was more than a good occasion to try them!

Saturday night, obviously that we called to book a table and when we arrived we were welcomed at the door and our table was just there waiting for us! The lady that was hosting gave us the menus and said that our waitress (the name of the girl… yes we forgot her name XD) would be with us shortly.

In the meantime that we had a look at the menus we also looked around us… and everything was looking so alive! Perfect decor, good music, happy people a very professional staff.

Our waitress came to ask us what we would like to drink and we decide to have a mock-tail, as we don’t drink much alcohol in general. ‘Watermelon and Orange Cooler’ was the choice and WHAT a choice! So refreshing, you could taste perfectly the watermelon and the way it was presented was soooo cool!

After this, we ordered our meals, Chicken Caesar Salad and a Halloumi Burger.
The restaurant was almost full on both floors however the food was flowing very quickly! We were sat by one of the windows/door/balcony and we could feel a little bit of the summer breeze coming from the outside. Lovely!

When our food arrived was very well presented and also good portions. We aren’t SAVAGE eaters. Often we go to restaurants and, we feel sorry when we get large portions and we cannot manage to eat everything. So, well done Bill’s. I guess some people would be happier with huge portions of food always, but we are cool with just a medium sized burger!

The Caesar Salad surprised us: came with a poached egg as part of the meal, (which was a first) and the caesar dressing on a little jug! Very nice touch.
The Halloumi Burger (we are not vegetarian however the vegetarian options in some menus get us curious!!!) was very attractive and tasty! Tomato, red peppers, red onion. Very healthy, we guess … (if you, obviously, remove the chips from the picture).

Food very yummy in general! And amazing drinks! One more time we were not able to try the puddings – next time!

The service was the best that we could get, very friendly, nice approach and communication. And a 5 starts environment!

A nice experience and we would definitely come back and recommend to everyone!

Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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