Cafe Lala’s

Sunday morning and we decided to head off to George Street (Hove) just close to our house for a quick breakfast/lunch as we were late to go somewhere else. After walk along the street we saw this small/cute Lala’s Cafe and we decide to go inside. Was a very nice surprise as we found it very welcoming, cosy but not that small.



We sat down and we had a look at the menu. The decision was quick! One Full English Breakfast and a go on the special lunch: mushroom and goat cheese quiche with salad.

The order was at the counter, and what a good idea, because we saw a few homemade lemonades that made our mouths water! We had to try them so we pick a normal lemonade and also strawberry lemonade while we waited for our food. Very refreshing drinks -we could dare to say that were on of the best homemade lemonades in Brighton, pure fruit and amazing flavor! Well done for that.

The payment had to be in cash as Lala’s cafe doesn’t accept card payments what was a little bit disappoint (no receipt either – good for the environment, maybe)

Lala’s cafe is dogs friendly and very well ‘brighton style’ decorated.



We waited just a little for our food as it wasn’t too busy when we arrived. After 10/15 minutes we were eating. The breakfast was big, with all the important ingredients however disappointing too – tomato uncooked, bacon and eggs overcooked and mushroom probably ‘twice-cooked’, some of them cold … Maybe the English Breakfast was not the best choice in this place … The quiche was amazing! With a lot of flavours and very tasty, and came with 3 types of salad. Delicious!



As lunch time was close, more people start to arrive and the place started to get busy.

They have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and food for all the tastes and a lovely sunny terrace up the stairs for the sunny days. Give it a try!

Score : 🍩🍩🍩/5

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