GAIL’s bakery

We pass by GAIL’s bakery too many times without try it and we finally did! Since we remember ourselves and because of the countries where we came from, we are used to have sweet things for breakfast. A croissant, a muffin, some fruit, some cookies, milk with cereals …. (When we arrived in England things like ‘bacon and beans for breakfast’ was something from another planet)


IMG_3317Anyway, as we were saying, places like GAIL’S bakery are, for us a little paradise, where you can have all of that! Not easy to find at all … at least in Brighton. A lot of sweet choices, nice and fresh bread and pastries. We think they also have a kind of restaurant ‘side’ where you can actually have proper food and a full English Breakfast for example.

We ordered at the counter and we sat on a nice little table by the window. Our choices were: Blueberry muffin and a English Breakfast tea; Almond croissant and a Latte.

We were very impressed. The muffin was sooo fresh and soft that the blueberry filling popped out as soon as we opened it. mnhaaaam!

The queue at the counter was loyal and consistent. Regular customers, new customers, sitting down, taking food away …

Very enjoyable breakfast!


Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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