The Breakfast Club

We had no idea what was The Breakfast Club until we actually got inside. We often go around the Lanes for a walk or for a tea and we always see a lot of people at the door queueing. Honestly more than once I though it was a pub and people were just having a cigarette at the door. NOP! The Breakfast Club is nothing like that … Very busy restaurant, not just because of the name but also for many good reasons.

At the entrance a member of the staff that was hosting welcomed us and took our names. After 5 minutes waiting at the door, we got a cute table for two. As soon we took a sit, the host gave us the menus and we could place our drinks order straight away! Very delicious and fresh orange juice. The place was very particular. The music was just on the right volume to enjoy but also to talk and have a conversation. The decoration with a lot of quirky details. The colours and the lights very welcoming. Very nice to watch.


Few minutes after, we were ready and we placed our food order.

Now, we have a story!!! Initially, when we started our little blog/website (whatever you want to call it) was supposed to be called ‘pancakes for breakfast’ because was everything about us! Pancakes, chocolate, banana, yoghurt, strawberries! OH MY GOD, SWEET! But then, after an intensive search we found out that there was so much stuff on the internet about pancakes and breakfast, blogs, websites, books, we decided that we would like to be different. We are crazy about doughnuts (who isn’t?) so we decided to go for the doughnuts instead! We still love pancakes though!

OBVIOUSLY we had pancakes for breakfast! We order with bacon, eggs and maple syrup and pancakes with berries, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. While we waited we saw huge plates with food coming out from the kitchen, we saw the host coming and going accommodating people on the tables, waiters and runners always busy or simply chatting with each other as everything was under control, milkshakes and coffees being made… Everything was looking very organised, natural, nice atmosphere, happy people, great and professional customer service, even when we saw things going wrong on the table next to us, because the food took a little bit longer than normal so they had to take it away. Also the prices were alright for what we got.



Each portion of pancakes was huge with 5/6 big pancakes, we couldn’t finish and we were almost sorry for that. The bacon was crispy and the fried eggs deliciously seasoned. The berries very fresh and the vanilla ice cream very particular. A GREAT combination of flavours.

We definitely have to come back for a dinner and some cocktails!

Sneak up on their website to understand a little bit more of what we are talking about or just GO THERE!

Score: 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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