Sushi Garden

We went to Sushi Garden on a Friday evening for a romantic meal. Is not so often that we have weekend evenings together, so we always try to make the most of it! We both love Japanese cuisine and we’ve been in Sushi Garden in our very first date together.

On our second try, last Friday, the atmosphere it’s so delightful that makes you feel immediately like you are jumping inside a new reality that is Japan. We were welcomed and sited almost immediately after walked in (on a Friday night … whaaaaat?!) the place was busy and smelling good. All the tables are really close to each other but gives you enough space from one to another to make you feel comfortable, you don’t feel like you are toooo close. Cosy!


After a look through the menus for drinks and food, a very friendly waitress came to take our order. Nothing too crazy to be honest, is better stay light during the evening.

So we ordered Tempura Prawns as a starter and, as main courses Salmon Teriyaki and a Ramen Seafood Soup and just water this time … let’s keep the sakΓ¨ for a next occasion.

The service was impeccable! Fast, even with the restaurant packed and the awareness of the staff in what was going on around them, fantastic: clean tables, water refilled…


After our meal we were really filled but we still wanted to have a look on the desserts. Another amazing thing: you can order them to take away! Yeeeey! Happy days!

We order to take away a Classic Mochi and a Chocolate Mochi.

IF! ……. you never tried one you have to go now and try it!!!!! NOW! Totally different texture of everything we tried before. We dare to say that was… strange! Fluffy, delicious. Really tasty, very light and you can mix it with chocolate cream/sauce and still feel like you are not adding too much calories to your meal. In our opinion the chocolate Mochi is one of the best chocolate desserts you can have in the Japanese cuisine. (OK!!! Enough of Chocolate Mochi already!!!) we loved it and we were so amazed with this dessert that we totally forgot to take pictures of it! You can always head over to Sushi Garden and see for yourselves! Totally recommend.

Score: 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩/5

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