Kooks – Boho Bistro

Saturday late morning and we were up for some breakfast out! Bank holiday weekend, nice weather, 45minutes to arrive from Hove to the city centre by car! Living the dream! After a walk around the South and the North Lanes we stop by KOOKS to have a quick look at the menu. Interesting, the space was looking welcoming, we have never been there before … ALL good reasons, we waked in!


Was a little bit confusing if we had to wait to be seated or if we could just grab a table. After few minutes waiting for someone to tell us, we went to ask at the bar and the barista told us we could sit wherever we like. We had a sit in a small table close to the entrance just in front of the bar and checked the menu again. Nice variance of plates for breakfast, and also for meals (small plates, big plates) and desserts that we didn’t have the opportunity to try.

Our choices were: Eggs Royale, Smoked Salmon, Sourdough and Hollandaise Sauce (8.50) and a Crispy Bacon Sandwich on Ciabatta (6.00). After a 3/4 minutes (that looked like 10 minutes) waiting for someone to come by to take our order, we still couldn’t understand if was ‘order at the bar’ or table service, so one of us went to the till to order. The waiter at the till completed his conversation with one of is ‘mates’ that came by to say ‘Hi’ to him, and he finally noticed that I was in front of him. He told me to have a sit and he will come over to take my order. Slowly (sooo slow) he walked over our table (while completing the rest of the conversation with this person) and when his ‘mate’ left, he finally had time for us! Yeey!Β 

We placed our order and we asked for a couple of drinks and we waited.

The place was great. Nice decoration, a few small tables and a comfortable area with some sofas. A huge bar where you could sit at and have some coffee or a cocktail. However we saw that there was a common issue within the members of staff, no interest on what was happening around them. The waiter that took our order was still going around like he was dragging himself – maybe was just a bad day, which is fair enough – however all the others were doing more or less the same. They were all young, all man and all the same style (dress, hair) which was actually cool, because you could sense there was a theme/trend there … an intention! However, the customer service and the passion was totally not there. Sad, because when the food arrived we were really impressed and happy.


Nice portions, very well presented, fast, very fresh ingredients and very tasty. The eggs were so perfectly cooked! We also saw a few burgers passing by our table and looking pretty incredible. The atmosphere it’s as great as the location and the food. We will probably come back to try some of the sweet options that were looking great from the outside!

Have a look: http://www.kooksrestaurant.com

Score: 🍩🍩/5

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