Patisserie Valerie

Last week we decided to make another attempt on Patisserie Valerie in Brighton. Is not the first or the second time that we choose this place for a late lunch. We can actually say that is one of our favourite places when we are up to something sweet (always). When it comes to cakes and pastries we are the firsts one the line!

So on Valentine’s Day we decide to give each other the gift to try the Afternoon Tea on Patisserie Valerie and only last week we had the time to go and enjoy it. We finish work around 5pm and head over to the cafe that is open until 7pm on weekdays. We were welcome from a member of staff that was actually our waiter afterwards. We explained that we had this gift voucher for the afternoon tea and he said promptly “I’m so sorry but we finish afternoon teas at 5pm” (was 5.30pm) – Wait, WHAT???? We had no idea about that and you could see disappointment on our faces. “Oh … okay we didn’t know about that, we will come another day then, thanks …” We were broke inside and we start walking to get out when, another member of staff (that was looking like the supervisor or manager) was just behind him and said that we could grab a table that they would make it – Great!

We were so looking forward to this moment!

Our table was in a nice and comfortable corner of the room. You could see other people having milkshakes, tea, dangerous slices of cake… the waiter came over and explained us what was included with our afternoon tea and we chose English Breakfast Tea as a drink.

2 minutes after we have our teas and 5 little pots of jam (our favourite jam) a nice surprise.


The stand with the whole variety of sandwiches and cakes came to the table! It was a LOT of food for two people. From the traditional little sandwiches we could try ham and mustard, egg and mayo, salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and cheese and also two mini-quiche of chorizo and cheese that we loved it! Was a little something; the traditional scones with jam and clothed cream and (finally) our favourite part –Β  the cakes! This is going to sound like a joke but … we couldn’t finish them and we were too shy to ask to take them away with us (if we could put here a crying emoji we would). We tried most of them though and our favourite was definitely the mini eclair, so light and fresh.


Was everything perfect as we could expect from Valerie Patisserie. Nice service, amazing food and delicious cakes. We will come back, but for now we will try also other places!


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