Café Bella Maria

One of the perks of living in Brighton is that you can get the train and, in less than one hour, you are in London. One of the perks of being foreigner is that, you have to visit London every time your friends/family come to visit.

Last week we went to London (again) with a few friends and, on Sunday morning on our way to Buckingham Palace we decided to check TripAdvisor so we could find a place for a nice and traditional english breakfast.

Café Bella Maria was very close and one of the first ones on the top of an extensive ‘places to eat’ list – very nice reviews so we gave it a go!

As soon as we walked in I felt at home. You know when you get inside you grandmothers house and she’s making afternoon tea? Cosy, incredibly cute decoration, right atmosphere – the place to be.



We sat down, had a look at the menus and we placed our order. We were not feeling that hungry for bacon, sausage and eggs as we just woke up, so we decided to go for some scones and croissants with jam (Cream Tea for Two – £8,75); Our friends instead, order some scrambled eggs with toasted bloomer (£5), the Full English Breakfast (£7,50) and some English Breakfast/Camomile teas. All this process was very quick and the waitress very friendly and helpfull. While we were waiting and having sips on our teas we could see some sandwich platters and gorgeous slices of cake crossing the room. Mouthwatering! The place was getting busy however the food was prepared and brought to us in very short amount of time.

Our friends were very happy with their breakfast, everything was very hot and really well cooked, the bread was amazing and they even had milk on their teas for the very first time, and they loved it!

Our pastries were perfect and the homemade scones (still warm) were smelling deliciously good. The only thing ‘less perfect’ was the fact that our cream was mixed with the jam on the plate. We would rather have them separately in little ramekins.


Downstairs the ‘powder room’ was as adorable as the rest of the tearoom with big armchairs and a huge mirror that everyone would love to have it at home.

We definitely need to come back to this little cafe to try the rest of the menu. They have all kinds of meals from soups to afternoons teas and they also have a shop with some nice gifts and a lovely selection of teas. Absolutely impressed!


Have a look on their website ( and get tempted.

Score : 🍩🍩🍩🍩/5


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