MOD Pizza

Was Saturday night and we were trying to find a place to eat something nice and quick. After driving around for half an hour we decided to go to Brighton Marina, with the few recent restaurants that opened we were sure we would find something!

Wrong! Walking by the actual Marina were we disappointed to understand that all the places were packed and with a 20/30 minutes wait to get a table. We were starving and we were almost making the decision to go to McDonald’s! We tried the last place that was not busy but also not empty and no queue whatsoever.

We walk inside MOD Pizza and we saw a big counter with maybe 20/30 pizza ingredients, a large ‘stone oven’ and a variety of sizes. The service was quick and efficient. The girl behind the counter explained that we could choose a size and make our own pizza with as many ingredients as we like for the same price. The concept gives you the freedom to create your pizza depending on your mood on what you are up to eat! Great! Obviously if you are too lazy to decide, you can always choose one of the combinations offered.

We’ve chosen a medium pizza ‘Hawaiian style’ with tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple and mushroom; and a small one with tomato, cheese a mushroom. The filling was made just right in front of us and placed inside the oven to cook.We choose some drinks and she took our names so we could be called when the pizzas were ready.

We start walking to the tables area to wait for our food and we noticed that the place was in a really bad shape. The floor was full of tissues and also pieces of pizza. The tables not really clean and still with some dishes from the previous guests. We guess that was so busy before that the staff didn’t have time to tidy it up. The space was really ‘cool’ though with big spotlights, suspended chandeliers and the walls were covered with nice portraits of customers and staff members (we guess).



Our names were shouted by the ‘counter girl’ announcing that our food was ready. The pizzas were really tasty but the pan was not the best that I’ve tried, was quite crispy and maybe too thin and without much flavour.


Is reasonable for those who like to ‘build your own’ meal  and want it fast, and it;s in Brighton Marina, a good spot to host birthday parties, friends or group dinners once is a really relaxed and funny environment; but personally we think that is missing that little ‘something’ that makes you want to come back over and over again …

Score : 🍩🍩🍩/5

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